My Priorities – With Your Help

Moving Forward with Sustainable & Smart Growth Solutions

  • Engage all sectors of our community to work on creative & sustainable solutions to achieve affordable housing and end homelessness
  • More input from Youth, Seniors & non-resident Ft. Bragg Small Business Owners
  • Establish a think-tank forum & identify the city’s best growth options. Outreach to our young and innovative entrepreneurs. Help more Youth & Women establish Businesses.
  • Increase self-reliant neighborhood -based emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Child/Elder Care Stipend Benefit for City Council/ City Workers
  • Urban Forest Program-Youth & households plant & care for street & yard trees
  • Create a “Tech Hub” for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Increase affordable opportunities for artists to showcase and sell their work
  • Move forward on downtown historic district fire prevention and sprinkler systems
  • Mill Site Next Steps: Create a Citizen Review & Advisory Committee to utilize local expertise to examine and assess the full knowledge of what has been gathered as we move toward next phase on zoning & Mill Site Use options. Provide opportunities for exploring all /alternative strategies. Full Clean-up of Mill Site Ponds, Secure Mill Site Open Space, rehabilitate and protect creeks and wetlands ecosystems. Support next steps for a Marine Sciences Research Center.
  • Explore moving forward on energy self-sufficiency with alternative energy systems for households and rentals .Partner with local agencies such as North Coast Energy Services, etc.

We all play a part in ensuring that our neighbors enjoy safety & opportunities to prosper. I aim to work with you to see how we can do more with the community resources we have. A city’s success is measured in the strength of our community participation, our economy, and our social conditions – public health, Families Veterans, Seniors, Youth, LGBT community, cultural & physical environment.

Our City cannot solve problems without you. I look forward to speaking with you