Candidate Statement

Candidate Statement    (On Fort Bragg City Website)

Contact Information: 510.459.9448
I graduated from College of the Redwoods and hold degrees from Mills College, Oakland CA (B.A. Public Policy); Pacific School of Religion (Masters: Theological Studies) Berkeley CA; California State University (Certificate: Non-Profit Management). I studied at the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business, Mills College, San Francisco Art Institute and Rutgers University. I was invited to attend the 2011 Academy for International Conflict Management & Peacebuilding – George Mason University, Institute for Defense Analysis, Department of Defense, U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington D.C.’s Strategic Economic Needs/ Security Exercise. I returned to Ft. Bragg several years ago to apply my experience and give back to the community.

I worked for the Ft. Bragg Main Street Program (1990’s). I served on the Mendocino County Living Communities Executive Committee to help the community prepare for County General Plan updates. I worked at U.C. Berkeley as a Senior Survey Worker. I served on the AmeriCorps- Corporation for National Service Health/Garden Team (classroom instruction on ecology, gardens, nutrition for bi-lingual students in East Oakland CA (planted gardens & trees in school yards). I was employed as staff reporter for Digital First Media (Mendocino Beacon/F.B. Advocate News). I have volunteered for many local non-profits.

My experience is reflected in my participation as a credentialed Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) representative: U.N. Commission on the Status of Women  -current; U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development 1997-2011; U.N. Commission on Human Settlements 1996-1999.  As a graduate student I had a  grant supported position at CARD-Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, Oakland CA .I represented CARD at regional stakeholder planning meetings for (after the Chevron Fire)  the 2012 Richmond Preparedness Expo in partnership with Chevron, 2-1-1 Contra Costa County & emergency responders.

I know what it is like to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  My father was given asylum here in the U.S. I lived the experience as a daughter of a refugee. I know the valuable sacrifice veterans make. My 4 uncles fought in WWII.

I will work to find opportunities that spurs investment in housing and that that creates sustainable jobs/worker training. Youth and seniors have many needs that have to be addressed.  I will outreach to artists and business owners. Their voices need to heard. I will work to make sure the Mill Site ponds are cleaned up. We all need to work together.

All solutions must be considered for the common good.