Marine Science Research Center in Fort Bragg CA – An OPPORTUNITY in the making! Research, Education, & Economic Development

Ft. Bragg Rotary President Dave Turner gave an exciting presentation today on the proposed Noyo Center for Marine Sciences Marine Science Research Center with lab. It’s in the idea stages and moving forward.

Having taken a few classes with Greg Grantham at College of the Redwoods back in the day– I was sad to see that the College of the Redwoods main campus missed the boat on building a Marine Science Research Center for world class education. It could have been a boost for economic development here on our Mendocino Coast.

We still have the chance to do it now!

According to an article in the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine, “The worldwide coastal ocean exhibits vast geographical diversity, depending on the size and openness of bays and estuaries; the width of the continental shelf; the proximity of strong oceanic currents; the strength of tides, winds, river runoff, and surface heat fluxes; and other characteristics.”

This an opportunity for Fort Bragg  to build a center that can be the focal point  for scientists , researchers and students to study this region’s biological, meterolicgical chemical and  physical ocean biome structures.

With marine algae supplying  much of the world’s oxygen supply and its role in absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, a Marine Sciences Center can be a important staging for research on how oceans interact with climate.  

Ocean conservation,  only happens when small groups of people take action to fix problems in their own communities. Having a research center here will be a boon to our fishing industry.


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