Working for the Common Good

IMG_4756 MRK Waste Water PlantI  have met with Fort Bragg City Staff including the City Manager (Budget/Admin. Review), Maintenance Department, Police Chief, the Mayor, toured  and reviewed the Corporation Yard, Wastewater Treatment Plant operations and Water Treatment facilities, reservoirs and upgrades.

I took time to have conversations  with local homeless individuals, artists, non-profits, residents, seniors,  business owners, service providers and the Director of the Senior Center to assess issues facing the community.  I have attended many  meetings  over the years including Fort Bragg City Council, Caltrans, California Coastal Commission, CA Department of Toxic Substances Control,  etc. I participated in the Georgia Pacific former Mill Site citizen surveys and the Mendocino County Pedestrian Needs Inventory & Engineered Feasibility Study /Workshop.

This is just the beginning!

My vision is to explore supporting  a service economy and innovative businesses. We need a new vision on what jobs we can bring here. We need to  identify the city’s best growth options and the challenges that face us with input from  younger and local entrepreneurs.

As  we plan for  the future,  our resilience will be based on how willing we are to grasp the profound economic and technological changes that are happening around us.

From tourism to retail, from manufacturing to healthcare delivery, from cyberspace to housing fabrication—technology is already playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Our youth are entering into a dynamic world where the face of the workforce is changing. How prepared are we to embrace these changes?  I have already been in discussion with local innovators  on how to bring the model of an “Impact Tech Hub” here to the coast.

Our historic downtown district is the heart of our community and  needs attention and imagination.

A robust economy can bring opportunity to all. We now have a chance to do it right.

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