Why Vote For Me?

My vision embraces preserving our history and  coastal natural resources that we all treasure.

I have experience that I believe other candidates do not have. I would be a great asset to the current City Council as  we will be tackling big issues such as homelessness, land use, housing and developing  an economy that expands to offer a diversity of industries and businesses.  I have well-honed skills and training as a public policy analyst  and as a journalist. In addition,  I bring to the Ft. Bragg City Council experience working in the retail sector, as a senior survey worker at U.C. Berkeley, in office administration and operations,  as a fine artist and as a founder of and working for a variety of non-profits/projects and in community based public private partnership projects

My training  and experience as a public policy analyst and in MBA studies  has given me a strong foundation in the interpretation and evaluation of policy and regulations. I understand the role of local government, how government or market failures can impact communities and how our county, state and federal laws affect local decision-making in regards to land use, the environment and the well-being of our communities.

My background and experience has given me the skill-set to clearly understand (and the know how to look for)  linkages and tackle cross cutting issues especially when it comes to land use, public health and housing policy and business development.

I consider the big picture and through a lens that is not from one single experience or perspective. I have no skin in the game as a single business owner that would bias any of my decisions.

We are way behind in building affordable housing and lagging in job innovation and creation. Our low wages and seasonal jobs do not benefit our residents.  We cannot solve this without engaging all sectors of our community to work on creative & sustainable solutions to achieve  bringing new jobs to town, attracting affordable housing development and ending homelessness.

We can be the anchor  for our youth and young entrepreneurs and artists who are  seeking affordable housing  or looking  to move away from expensive, impersonal big cities.

We need  more input from  younger entrepreneurs, resident & non-resident  Fort  Bragg Small Business Owners.

I have been  working on  sustainable development and environmental advocacy for the past 25 years – all  for the common good of the community and future generations– and that includes working on supporting women’s  rights that includes the right  to live free from violence and  discrimination and  to earn a fair and equal wage.  This includes  involving men and boys “to become change agents towards the achievement of gender equality.”  Men have an equal stake in dealing with  rising economic and social pressures, including rapid urbanization and technology that is changing  the world  of work as we know it. We face  a changing economy based on automation and globalized outsourcing and other economic trends.

The League of Women Voters of Mendocino County and the City of Fort Bragg are co-sponsored a Fort Bragg City Council Candidate Forum on Friday, September 21, 2018. The Archive link is available at:


Thank you!


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