Housing in Fort Bragg

My vision is to continue the efforts that already are moving forward on housing creation. The City of Ft. Bragg  has already identified vacant lots that can be utilized for housing units. The South Street Danco Project for mixed housing is moving forward.

I hope to bring the council around to finding a way to work with the community in evaluating the types of housing that are currently available or in short supply.

It is about planning!

We do know we need housing for workers,  seniors and special needs housing. What I would like to see is a  process that identifies and quantifies types of housing that already exist.

For example, how many  single renters are renting a two bedroom house?   Could we build more  housing for single people as in  1 bedroom  or studio apartments as part of a condo or small apartment  complex? Then the 2 bedroom and three bedroom apartments  or houses can be available for families.

What  types of housing opportunities do we want as part of the mix? There is  HUD Housing, Market Rate Rentals, BMR ( Below Market Rate) rentals, condos or homes for families to purchase, and etc. This information can better inform any  strategies and programs. We need to define what is “affordable housing” in relation to local wages. Addressing income inequality is a central part of the affordable housing discussion.

Counting vacant lots and looking at zoning is only one part of the process.

We are way behind in building affordable housing and lagging in  job creation. Our low wages and seasonal jobs do not benefit our residents.  We cannot solve this without engaging  all sectors of our community to work on creative & sustainable solutions to achieve affordable housing and end homelessness.

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