The future of Fort Bragg in Changing Times

As  we plan for  the future,  our resilience will be based on how willing we are to grasp the profound economic and technological changes that are happening around us.

From tourism to retail, from manufacturing to healthcare delivery, from cyberspace to housing fabrication—technology is already playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Our Youth are entering into a dynamic world where the face of the workforce is changing.

How prepared are we to embrace these changes?

The  question I hope we all will ask of ourselves is how do we  we make this shift and build the infrastructure that will provide this town with a mixed economy that will carry us into the future.

Without established economic centers, local businesses and services, keeping residents’ dollars in town will be difficult. Our historic district needs attention and imagination.

A robust economy can bring opportunity to all. We have a chance to do it right.

Here are some links to articles and links that are quite informative and food for thought:

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Which Technologies Will Dominate in 2022?

THE MONTANA GAP: Small communities outside Missoula grapple with growth, change

Main Street America

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