Mary Rose at the FB Guild Lumberjack Breakfast with Paul Bunyan

Mary Rose at the Fort Bragg Guild  Lumberjack Breakfast with Paul Bunyan A figure of American folklore.

Paul Bunyan is claimed by many states as their own and his advebtures have been claimed to originate in logging camps  with loggers telling stories of their own.
 Paul Bunyan’superhuman labors,  his Babe the Blue Ox  were popular along with tall tales about  Big Foot,  Br’er Rabbit and   Jackalope and are all now part of The American Folklore Canon, According to  #FolkloreThursdayAs a relatively young country, the United States of America hasn’t had the same amount of time as older civilizations to develop, standardize, and compile compendiums of folktales arising from grassroots myths and legends. However, the ones that have cropped up over the last few centuries show remarkable popularity and staying power. They also tell us something intrinsic about our enthusiastic spirit, wild heart, flair for invention, and sense of humor as a culture as only tales passed from generation to generation truly can.”
photo by Keith Wyner

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